Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The End

Ended SPM yeah!!~

F.Y.I I finished SPM a little bit later than most pure science students, that is on the 9th.. I definately did not finish on the 13th with all those arts people! What's wrong with you people thinking SPM ends so late? People taking different papers ends at different times k? Gosh!!

Chill!~ Alright now... Haven't been doing much since it's over~ Reminding myself here, find Bee Lee's Red Alert3. And must go get L4D, L4D2, COD4, COD6 and Starcraft.. Until then, it's pretty much boring.

Really have to thank those people that are talking to me! More or less entertaining me.. haha.. Better than those who just disappear on your radar~ Urrgghh!~

Ohh well.. SPM's over man!!~ Should go driving soon.. yeah!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sibu by-election


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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recap Of Year 2009

The year 2009 has been a fateful year where I had the most fun of all years in school. All the wonderful stuff that happened and also the the life changing ones. This is as far as I can remember.....

Jan-- Started school be answering Jojo's call for help in SPBT and met all the awesome SPBT gang. This is also how I started to join SPBT Club and being involved actively in SPBT work.

Feb-- Started to sosialise with people and made friends. Wasn't such a bad month as far as I can recall.

March-- The starting of a very much busy year. Koko registration. Lots of meeting. Held 3 posts. Life is still good then. Found a person to poke, Jesslyn. CF camp was wonderful. Worked at the MPH warehouse sale at the Mayang Plaza. Got annoyed by DURIAN, starting of an awful experience with the irritating DURIAN.

April-- Regularly stayed back for PBSM meetings. Poor me and KK always get it from our ahem* president.. =) DURIAN annoys me further, finally asked the all so friendly Jesslyn to be my girl friend for one week to GET RID of THE ahem* ahem* DURIAN. Stayed back almost everyday. Afternoon recess meeting doing well... PBSM camp was early this month, am camp comm.

MAY-- Doom month of mid-year... Exams and holidays... A lot to plan.... Marching during holidays...

JUNE-- Marching continues... Hong wei and Han xiang caught my attention most, mostly Hong wei who simply cannot march in front of girls... hehe... Continued normal routine.

JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER-- Life continues normally... The frequent staying back allowed me to meet the form 1 probates while they're preparing for their installation. This is followed by an awful incident that I had previously posted. I was neglected and stabbed in the back by people that I never would expect (but I do forgive you, don't expect me to do well with you though) I do thank those friends who supported me in this dark time.. This incident or event led to a change that I hope it never happened, I became easily angered and care much about what people say (though they sometimes do it for fun unknowingly offended me) I'm really sorry if I'd ever yell in your face. But life goes on... I had to make most out of it...

Ohh.. I met Phei Fern sometime in July I guess... I joined the Chinese society's 'party' which I ended up doing PA there, wonderful time indeed. Joined the Leo installation with May Kwan. But it is my most regret to have fallen sick and missed these events- National Bible Knowledge Quiz, Interact installation, PBSM BOD bbq party( all on the same day) and Kem Muafakat. Since I can't make it for camp because my mum is afraid I might fall sick again, I went to the Librarian Trip which was an awesome experience we had soooo much fun. Things back slided a bit though after that...

And then doom for the form 3's PMR started... Did some silly things at that time.

Oct-- Exams... I totally cramped last minute for the final year exam... Those that are not satisfactory went up, the good ones went down... GRRR... Moral remained the same.. Things got better a bid.. I guess... Finally decided to revive the pool in front of the hall and was officially called the SPBT garden. Did much gardening and fishes from my house were brought there. Beautiful plants were planted.. The teachers did a very great job!!

Nov-- Still busy with the pond... Had a very busy time.. especially with the recollection of SPBT books, giving of form 5 SPBT books and dodge ball competition.. Joined the form 3s occasionally.. Left for Kem Kepimpinan... It was unique in its own way... Then it was pretty much of slumbering at home..

Dec-- Perhaps the most interesting month of holidays... Went to Pulau Langkawi to meet up with my cousins there.. Not the ideal exploring trip that my father and I will take but its pretty much okay... The after that I have visiting relatives from Hong Kong. It's great to see the aunties and uncle again.. Then it's just slumbering again~ And took of my braces so I'll have to wear retainers from now on... And ya.... I'm posting about the entire year.

Some family events are not included, CNY and cousin's graduation.*
Some school events have also been left out, Hari Kecemerlangan Akademik, Sports day, Teacher's day and Hari Koko. And of course Merdeka Celebration.

**I will never forget the wonderful times I had with you. Your laughter and kindness will always be in my heart and mind. The good times are unforgettable.... And to wrap it up, I still like you~

******************Finished at 11.59pm 31-12-2009***************

The Last Day

Ohhh.... The last day of 2009.... How sad it is to leave this wonderful year behind.. Next year will indeed be full of change.. Teachers are changing, school's administration is also changing I certainly hope that my friends will not change nor my luck so far.
What else can I say, I have to perpare myself for something I've neve liked, to prepare for the unexpected.
A toast to 2009!!!